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Cloth Diaper Care and Washing Tips by: Lindsay Evans edited by: Donna Cosmato

If you have chosen to cloth diaper your baby, there are a few things you need to know in order to properly use and care for your diapers. By following these tips you can ensure your diapers will last a long time – usually for more than one child! Getting Used to Cloth   Today’s […]

Washing Clothes in Cold Water Saves Money and Energy by: BStone edited by: Sarah Malburg

One of the easiest ways to live more efficiently and reduce greenhouse gas emissions is by washing your clothes in cold water. Learn why cold water laundry is environmentally friendly and how you can save money simply by not using hot water. Settings Will Save Money! Washing clothes in cold water can save you money […]

10 Simple Laundry Prep Solutions by Regina Guthrey

1. Body oils rub onto shirt collars and attract dirt, leaving them grimy and worse for wear.Reverse the damage by grabbing your shampoo and a clean paintbrush and paint a line over the soiled collar before washing. 2. Soaking clothes overnight in a tub of water really helps loosen dirt and grime and can be especially effective when […]

Let the sun kiss your Laundry BY: LINDY LUTNESKY

Laundry hanging outside is not just for Italy’s streets! Your very own backyard is a great place to allow your linens to dry after the wash. You will be saving energy and money, while getting sun-kissed clothes, towels and sheets with the fresh scent of summertime! Take your closet outside and reap the benefits… Of all […]

Laundry tip: Reducing wrinkles without ironing BY: CINDI HINTON

Most of us will admit ironing is no fun, though it may sometimes be necessary, it’s a waste of time, it’s boring and just a pain. Time spent ironing could be time spent on something much more fun or even useful. When you find yourself needing to iron a garment or want to prevent some […]

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