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How To Get Melted Crayons Out Of Clothes And Your Dryer by crazyhorsesghost

Anyone with children is sure to experience a dryer full of melted crayons all over the clothing in the dryer and quite often all over the inside of the dryer. And you probably threw away the clothing and scrubbed and scrubbed to get the melted crayons out of your dryer but you didn’t have to. […]

Steps to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell From Laundry or Clothes by J. L. Tuso

If your cat mistook your laundry for a litter box there’s no need to panic. You don’t have to throw the clothes out and buy new ones. It is possible to get rid of cat urine smells and stains out of the clothes. Take this cat urine smell removal advice from an experienced cat owner. […]

Polyester Fabric Care By Geeta Dhavale

Polyester fabrics last longer, if you maintain them well. This article shares some insights on polyester fabric care that would help you keep the same clean and new for many days.   Use of Polyester Fabric I would like to draw your attention to some of the positive aspects of polyester fabric. Polyester is a […]

Best Way to Clean Urine from Mattress By Aastha Dogra

Now you do not need to buy a new mattress just because the one you have, has been sullied by urine. A mattress getting stained, soaked and smelled by urine can be quite a nightmare. A king size mattress is not exactly something that you would like to wash to get rid of the urine […]

How to Wash Polo Shirts By Azmin Taraporewala

Polo shirts are a signature habitue in every closet … And you must know how to maintain your polo shirts to keep them from becoming coarse and finally shrink! The history of polo shirts dates back to the nineteenth century polo players who had shirts not very well-heeled for adorning on a heaving pony, indeed! […]

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