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How to Remove Rust Stains from Coloured Clothing

Unlike most stains that would be much easier to remove from coloured clothes than white ones, rust stains are like an exception of this rule with their stubbornness on coloured fabrics. Using a regular laundry detergent won’t be enough to remove a rust stain from a coloured clothing, at least not in most cases. The best […]

How to Do The Laundry So it Doesn’t Rule Your Life by Julie DeNeen

Laundry the fast and easy way for those who don’t have time As a mother of three in a 1200 square foot home, laundry is a monster that I continually must keep from taking over. If you are like me, I get easily frustrated by the vastly different instructions needed for a particular fabric or […]

How to get your Teenager to do the Laundry by SteveoMc

Sniff Testing and Clothes Rotation This is a system that is somehow transferred between teens and is widely used. This is not to be confused with personal hygiene. With personal hygiene teens are way ahead of the curve and will stay in the shower until the hot water is gone. When it comes to clothes though, the following system […]

How To Get White Socks Without Bleach by SallyTX

Have clean, white socks without bleach! Bleach is Bad News! I sorted through all my socks recently and got them all sorted into pairs and types so I wouldn’t constantly be pulling out mismatched winter socks in the summer and mismatched summer socks in the winter. I decided it would make the job faster to […]

How to Make your Laundry Cleaner, Brighter and Whiter by SteveoMc

If you would like to have cleaner, brighter and whiter clothes, especially whites, try using less detergent, you might be surprised. Other hints to help whiten dingy or yellowed whites: Wash whites separately and use detergent sparingly. Try the old fashioned remedy, add bluing. You can still get bluing and guess what? Blue+Yellow=White. It really […]

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