Caring For Your Delicate Laundry Items By Vincent Platania

Caring for your fine washables is not the same as washing your everyday laundry. Lace, silk, satin, wool, nylon, spandex, and rayon can be quite beautiful, but they require special care. Regular laundry detergents, which work quite effectively on items such as sheets and towels, are too harsh for your delicate fabrics and will shorten the time you are able to enjoy them. Therefore, it is important to find a gentle delicate fabric wash to protect these more fragile possessions and to keep them looking their best for many years.

Choosing a Delicate Fabric Wash

There are many things to consider when choosing a product to clean your fine washables. First, it is important to select a product that gently removes dirt and soil without stretching, shrinking or fading the color of your garments. To further protect from fading, choose a fabric wash with optical brighteners. A concentrated product will conserve space, packaging material, and money.

In addition to protecting your delicate laundry, choose a product that also protects our fragile environment. Be sure it contains no phosphates or chlorine and the packaging is recyclable.

How to Wash Your Delicate Items

You may be most comfortable washing your delicate items by hand. This is the best way to insure they are not damaged. To safely clean your delicates by hand, fill a sink or tub with cold water and delicate fabric wash, being sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions. Then, allow your clothing to soak for a few minutes in this solution and then move items around gently with your hands. You are now ready to rinse your items in cold water. Always dry your delicates on a flat surface to protect the fabric from stretching or losing its shape in any way.

Today’s washing machines have excellent delicate cycle options that make it possible to machine wash your delicates. To wash these fabrics by machine, use cold water and delicate fabric wash according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, add clothing. The machine need only agitate for three minutes and then your clothing can be rinsed in cold water. After machine-washing, delicate items should be dried on a flat surface.

Caring for Some Very Special Delicates

If you have children, no one has to tell you that their stuffed animals are more than just toys. To kids they are often very special friends. We want to keep stuffed animals clean for our children’s health, but often don’t want to risk ruining them in the laundry and upsetting our kids. When stuffed animals get dirty or soiled, a delicate fabric wash safely clean and protect these treasured items.

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