Can Laundrypure Really Launder Your Laundry, Pure and Leaving Out Soap or Detergents. by Paul Dolby

When I initiated my home based business the laundrypure was one of the products that I was really mistrustful about. After all I think I single handily keep the beach companies in business. I did not have the money in the bank for the laundry pure even at a dealer rebate when we first joined the business, however I knew that to expand our home based business I was going to have to get with the program and get some of these products. The home based business industry is an intricate market and when you are in a business with duplicated websites and many others marketing the same products you can see why I thought I needed all the head start I could get.
I did manage to find one on ebay for around the $200 mark. This would be a good buy, even if I have to buy the silver probe thingy at short notice. If there is a down side I was purchasing from an unknown point of supply outside of my Vollara home based business distributorship. Disastrously the product arrived smashed. Luckily I and the seller had the esp to purchase coverage. USPS paid up and I went back online to search for the mysterious cut rate product I could use at home and by and by as a demo unit. Again I was lucky enough to find another unit at a low-cost price and that one arrived undamaged.
Let us move ahead a few weeks and I can say that during this time the laundry room was getting overhauled. What I mean to say is that the room was demolished and being rebuilt completely, so the washing machine and tumble dryer were sitting on the driveway outside the back door. The laundry pure was balanced on the inside and the hoses and pipes and power were being fed through the hole in the wall. It was an experience. However buy doing the rebuild ourselves we unspent thousands of dollars. It just took a lot of time. Back to the laundry pure. Our household consists of 4 large dogs, myself, my husband and two other young men. Our washing machine runs at least two times each day.
Aside form this being one of my product lines, I felt I had to have it to be able to sell it. I was also concerned by the fact the detergent and softeners would no longer be required. Does this still sound too good to be true. I was also interested to the cost savings of not using hot water for washes. That is a very important factor to me as a house-spouse and a business owner. Part of the rebuild was to install a tankless water heater which would save heating a large tank all day long but if I can skim a little extra heating costs off the top the more the better. Our average gas usage did decrease when we first installed the laundry pure and still had the old tank. After the tankless was installed the average therms dropped again by another 10 percent. In all the gas usage has gone down by over half just by installing these two products. (Results deviate in different homes!!!)
So how does the queen of bleach reconcile that difference of before LP and post LP. Not doing too badly on that one either. If I had to whiten before for mud and other kinds of stains I find I am still pre-treating, although the amount is a lot less now. I also had a set of dark grey bath towels that are about 5 years old now. I had heard about the color reinvigoration magic and quirte frankly thought that was a ploy. Little did I realize what a fool I was being. IF the clothes are getting cleaner they are getting the all the old soap leftover part out of the fabrics. The first few times I washed clothes you would think I had added soap to them. There was so much foam in the tank. Since I have got rid of the old residue there has been a lot less in the foam department but surprisingly the dark grey towels are looking a little more dark grey when I compared them to one that had not been washed. I wish I had taken the time to photograph it at the time.
So how does this magic box work and why will it work for you.
Bear in mind I am using the older version with the silver nano probe, but I have since sold both the earlier and the newer versions so my experiences are both individual and based on my clients response. The process is based on the technology of nature. These type of machines have been used in the hotel and hospital industries for many years and just imagine how much laundry they are going through. Don’t think about all the yuckies that are on those sheets.
The industrial science infuses the h2o with oxygen and natural peroxides which lift muck and germs out of the fabric, leaving everything clean and soft. Without the soap the fabric is not weighed down and thus is lighter, colors brighter and softer. I sound a bit like a commercial. The activated oxygen lifts the dirt and germs away from the fabric and prevent the odor causing bacteria and mildew. The machine is suitable for both front and top loaders and finally it looks sensational when it is running.
Why should you get yourself a laundry pure and who should get a laundry pure.
IF you are a cheap skate and want to save a conservative $300 to $462 dollars a year then the laundry pure is what you need.
IF you like cool stuff, you need a laundry pure.
IF you want your kids to do laundry, you need a laundry pure.
IF you have allergic reactions due to detergent residue the laundry pure may be for you.
IF you are concerned about flushing detergent chemicals into the sewer system the laundry pure is for you.
Also the new units are RoHS compliant and use 50percent less energy than the previous versions. The new units are maintenance free.
Should you get a laundry pure from me. If you want to, but any “Vollara” distributor can sell you one. Do you want even more savings, find out how to become a distributor, buy your own new machine at wholesale and make your life more interesting by starting a home based business. That is something I can help you with. If you are still sitting on the fence then you probably are the type of person who would have got left behind by the pilgrim fathers! 🙂

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