Best Laundry Detergent By Ratnashri Dutta

Washing your clothes specially the clothes of your baby with ordinary soap can sometimes be harmful. Here are some of the best laundry detergent which you can use in order to protect your clothes as well as your skin.

When we buy laundry from the shop, what are our expectations? First, it should clean our clothes properly and get rid of all the stubborn stains, secondly it should not hamper the color or the material of the clothes, third it should leave the clothes smelling nice and fourth, it should not cause any kind of the skin rashes when we wear the clothes washed in that detergent or when we come in contact with that soap while washing the clothes. Some of us are lucky enough to get these detergents which fulfills all the above criteria, while some are not that lucky and the soaps that they use either does not clean their clothes properly or leaves their own skin dry and rough when they come in touch with the soap. When this happens to us, we can sometimes ignore it, but we cannot let the same thing happen to the babies as their skin is more sensitive than an adult’s skin. The baby’s clothes and diapers should all be cleaned and washed using the best laundry detergent.

Laundry Soaps You Can Use

Be it your baby’s clothes or your clothes, you cannot afford to spoil your clothes by using some harsh soaps which also has the risk of causing several skin problems. Some of you might already be using a laundry detergent that does not harm your skin or your clothes. But for some who are still searching for such a detergent, here are some detergents that you can purchase from the market.

OxiClean Detergent Ball
This detergent is really effective and use just one ball in your washing machine for at least 15 to 20 washes. This soap does not leave any residue on your clothes and clean them really well. True that they do not leave your clothes smelling extraordinarily good, but at the same time they do not cause any harm to your skin.

Dreft Baby Detergent
This soap does not contain any harsh chemicals and thus it is considered to be gentle and safe for using it for baby’s clothes and does not harm their sensitive skin either.

Tide Coldwater Liquid Laundry Detergent
Be it the stubborn stain of dried up blood or the stain of split tea or coffee, this detergent will take care of all. This soap can be used with either warm or hot water and it leaves your cloth smelling great. However, according to some review reports, there have been some cases of skin rashes or detergent allergy after using this detergent.

Arm and Hammer Essential
This is one of the best for your clothes and people have been using this phosphate free soap since 1970s. This is a 100% biodegradable soap and it contains no dye or bleaches and are used on baby clothes.

Method Laundry Detergent
This detergent has more or active enzymes which helps get rid of any kind of stains and it also does not contain any phosphate or any harsh chemicals and to top it all they are biodegradable. If you ask whether they are the detergents for hard water or not, then keep in mind, that irrespective of the soap, hard water needs more amount of detergent than soft water. If the water in your area is hard, then it is bound to form scum which creates a problem for the clothes, hence more amount of detergent is required.

Next time you go to the store to buy the detergent, then you know what to go for. Check the detergent’s ingredients carefully. Go for soaps that are biodegradable and that does not contain much chemicals because more the amount of chemicals, more harm will it cause to our clothes as well as our skin.

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