4 Tips for Better Laundry by Mike Weisman

Laundry is one of those chores that can easily seem much easier than it is. Sometimes, you end up shrinking something, dying all your whites a subtle shade of pink, or find yourself throwing away salvageable things because your cat peed on it. But all of this can be avoided if you simply take a few minutes to learn some strategies for better laundry.
Read all of the Labels Before Doing Laundry
Clothes have tags on them that generally tell you how to wash them. And if nothing else, you can sort clothes by dark or light and wash cold or wash warm. But the place most people make mistakes is with drying, make sure to read the labels carefully about the drying instructions: some things need to be laid flat, some hung, some dried hot, and some air dried.
Separate Clothes that Attract Lint
For your own sanity, it’s worthwhile to separate lint-making items like towels and sweatshirts from clothes that attract link like velvet and corduroy in your laundry. You’ll save the effort and time wasting hassle of having to use a lint roller after doing laundry!
Put Detergent in First
Many people make the mistake of adding clothes, then detergent. And if you do this with the powder detergents, you can end up with a gross cake of powder on your laundry! Ideally, you’d like to put in the right amount of detergent, and then start the washer and let the soap completely dissolve before adding your clothes. If you do this alone, your laundry will greatly benefit.
It’s Not Ruined!
Many people struggle with stain removal, but it’s really not very complicated if approached correctly. First, with stain removal sprays like Shout! make sure that you apply it as soon as you can after the item is stained (and follow the directions on the packaging of course!). Second, make sure to remember to use any pre-laundry treatment that you wish (according to the treatment’s directions). Third, remember specific stains and smells can easily be removed if you take a minute to uncover how to do it properly. An easy way to remove cat or dog urine is to mix two parts warm water with one part vinegar and spray or pour it onto the stain. But, I often just add 2-4 tablespoons to the top of the laundry, and it works well.

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