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Cleaning Laundry Q&A

Are parts still available for ripened electrolux vacuums?I want to know if you can still get bags, belts, filter etc. for those old metal electrolux cannister-style vacuums. Please no “check on eBay” answers. I’m looking to find out if a repair shop or retailer may carry them. I prefer to hear from someone who owns […]

Entrusting Your Linen Fabric to Long Island Laundry Service

Trust is hard to gain and retain. Trust is also difficult to give to strangers. People in Long Island know exactly what I’m talking about because they almost always find it hard to find a reliable laundry service. There are lots of companies offering laundry services in Long Island so it’s not easy to choose […]

Cleaning Laundry

Anybody hold a LG, GE, or Maytag Epic Front loading washer and dryer??I am going to be purchasing front loaders here soon. Been looking at 3 different brands. LG, GE, and Maytag Epic. Really like the LG model #WM2233HU. Anyway, just wondering if anybody have any of these 3 brands and how they perform. Anyone […]

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