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DAILY’s RFID laundry tag can undergo at least 200 times wash cycles

Latest RFID Laundry Tag has been developed by DAILY RFID for laundering process in hotels, hospitals. After trials with some linen companies, these laundry tags have proven to be able to survive harsh industrial laundry process at least 200 times. Have a look at this durable RFID Laundry Tag which would be implemented for laundering […]

Nylon Laundry Bags Or Cotton Laundry Bags, Which Is Better ?

Nylon Laundry Bags, along with Cotton Laundry Bags, do not have to be used only to transport clothing anymore. No siree, not in this 21st Century of phones that play video and refrigerators that can surf the internet. With all these and other such so-called convergence devices, everyone and everything is multitasking these days, and […]

Tips on Washing Your Baby’s Laundry

Are you about to become a new mom? If so, you most likely will be the one tending to your baby’s laundry. Washing your baby’s laundry does need more attention than your own or your other family members. Your relatives likely have given you some advice on every part of baby care; however, you have […]

Laundry Detergent Products

The Right Choice for Clean Laundry One of the most demanding of housekeeping challenges is cleaning and washing heavily soiled clothing. The use of premium quality laundry detergents and laundry products makes this task easier. Good Laundry Products for the Desired Results Good laundry detergents not only remove dirt and stains, but also refresh and […]

Now You Can Make Laundry Day Faster and More Convenient than Ever

Convenience isn’t always a term you’d expect to be associated with laundry. One of those inevitable humdrum routines of day to day life, laundry day is one of those little tasks few of us will ever be likely to escape. But if you feel you’ve been spending too much time sorting dirty clothes, wrangling fabric […]

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