EastSide Laundromat & Dry Cleaner (Information)

Eastside laundromat

1692 2nd ave.

New York  NY,10128


We are open at

Monday             7:30 a.m.-  9:00 p.m.

Tuesday            7:30 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday       7:30 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Thursday          7:30 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Friday               7:30 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Saturday           8:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Sunday              8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.



Mon-Fri       7:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m.

Sat             8:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Sun            8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.



Last wash from Mon-Sat   7:30 p.m.

Sunday                           6:30 p.m.


Tel: (212) 987-3206

(Our Address)

Eastside laundromat

1692 2nd ave.

New York  NY,10128


Since 1998

Methods of getting here are The Lexington ave 4 5 6 train, the 2nd ave M15 or M15 Select Bus Service, and the Second Ave (Q) Train

Our Dry cleaning Prices
We Currently CANNOT do Dry Cleaning due to a problem at our Dry Cleaning Company (DDK Procleaner’s)

Trousers/Pants                               $5.00

Suits                                             $10.00

Coats                                            $12.00- $18.00

Shirt                                             $2.00

Jacket                                          $6.00

Dress                                            $8.00

Blouse                                          $5.00

Skirt                                              $5.00

Sweaters                                      $5.00


Our Laundry Prices

$1.00 per pound pound

1-10 lbs                                        $10.00

11  lbs                                            $11.00

12 lbs                                             $12.00

How to Remove Rust Stains from Coloured Clothing

Unlike most stains that would be much easier to remove from coloured clothes than white ones, rust stains are like an exception of this rule with their stubbornness on coloured fabrics. Using a regular laundry detergent won’t be enough to remove a rust stain from a coloured clothing, at least not in most cases. The best way to remove rust stains is to treat them immediately after they have occurred, otherwise the rust will harden, leaving permanent mark on the garment.

Purchasing a good rust remover may solve the problem quickly and easily, but the same goes for homemade rust stain removers which also can be very effective with the only difference that they are much less expensive than their commercial alternatives.

By following these tips provided by cleaners Belgravia, you will learn how to make your own cleaning solution that removes rust stains from coloured clothes.

  1. Put the stained clothing with other clothes into your washing machines. This will help the water not to become too soapy, also the rubbing of the stained area against other fabrics will help the stain to get out more easily.
  2. Sprinkle 2 cups of sea salt over the clothes into the washer, and shuffle the clothing with hand, so the salt is dispersed among the laundry.
  3. Pour a gallon of white vinegar onto the load, then launder at the highest temperature of water allowed by the label of the fabrics.
  4. Inspect the area where the rust stain was before using the dryer. The heat of the dryer may set any remaining rust stain permanently into the fabric, so do not risk. If the rust stain is still visible, let the clothing air dry before proceeding to the next step.
  5. Pour ½ gallon of hot water into a bucket, add 1 cup of white vinegar to the water and put the rusted fabric to soak in the mixture overnight. In the morning, rinse the garment in cold water and hang it out to air dry.


Laundry Tips For Large Families

Step by step, here is a plan to reduce your laundry woes.  While you may customize the plan for your unique family, the basic principles are simple and universal: collect it, do it, and distribute it.

Collect Laundry

Place a hamper, basket or crate in any location where laundry is generated. I use a large hamper in each bathroom, smaller ones in bedrooms, and a basket downstairs for dish towels and stray items found while cleaning. Our family rule is that if it is not in a laundry hamper, it does not get washed.  Children quickly learn that putting clothes in the hamper is preferable to wearing stinky clothes.

Do Laundry

Take an empty basket and collect items from each hamper for your first load, e.g. get all the whites or jeans. Start this load in the washer; then collect your second load so it is ready and waiting. Do something else while the first load washes. Put load one in the dryer and load number two in the washer. Continue for as many loads as needed.

Distribute Laundry

I sit on the floor in front of the dryer to remove dry clothes. As I remove clothes, I fold them and place them in piles for each family member, plus a pile of linens and towels and a basket for anything that needs mending or ironing. Throwing all the dry clothes into a basket for later just gives you more ironing when “later” finally comes. By folding items as I remove them from the dryer, I save ironing and sorting time because I sort as I fold. At one house, I had a delightful closet next to the washer and dryer, so I kept a milk crate for each child in the closet to be filled with their clean clothes. Even if the children never put the clean clothes in their drawers, the clean laundry remained folded in their crates and ready to wear.

The ironing pile goes to my ironing board, of course. I use a Teflon cover for the sole plate of my iron. This cover enables me to use high heat on all my ironing, whatever the fiber, without scorching or melting fabric. These Teflon sole plate covers are available in the notions department of any fabric store. I iron, hang clothes in a nearby doorway, then deliver them to the proper closets. Machine mending is placed by the sewing machine and hand mending goes to a basket by my chair to be done while watching the evening news.

Plan your laundry times so that special laundry needs are met. For example, wash soccer clothes right after soccer practice. Wash work uniforms so that they are ready when needed. Using my time-saving laundry system should take the drudgery out of at least one household task.  Large families are a blessing and their laundry need not be a burden.

Six Ways to Save on Laundry by john_dihl

Every people should wash its cloth to keep their body clean. Mud, food, milkshake, coffee, and others could make our cloth dirty. Washing the cloth with laundry is very expensive. That is why some mom prefers to wash the cloth.

However the wash machine costs expensive. You should also pay the electricity and the water. The machine needs electrics to operate the machine and it needs water to wash and to rinse the cloth. You also need detergent to clean the cloth that it is not cheap.

If you are tricky you can save on electricity and water. Here are these tips.

1. Use the save water wash machine

The machine needs less water than ordinary machine. Therefore, you can save some dollar on it. They efficiently use the water in cleaning the cloth. It does not waste the water. I have read that a save water can reduce the water up to 90%.

2. Do not wash two or three pieces cloth in wash machine

You can use your hand to wash few cloths. Do not ever to wash few cloths with wash machine because you will throw the water and the electric so much. You have to wait until the cloth is full for the wash machine tube. The machine will works efficiently when you full it with cloth.

3. Use Save energy wash machine

Be sure that the wash machine that you use is save energy. It does not suck your electric power. Buy the wash machine that has star energy sign because it could save electricity and water in a half.

4. Use the shortest cycle washing

If you just a common clerk, your cloth is not too dirty. You can use the shortest cycle washing to save the energy and water. However, if your cloth is so dirty, you can use the longer cycle or you can soak the cloth first and then you can wash it.

5. Buy Generic Detergent

Some detergent is very expensive. They promote that the detergent can clean the cloth efficiently or it can return the color of cloth. They may be true but they sell the detergent at high price. If you are clever, you can buy the generic brand that can clean your cloth.

6. Wash in cold style

It can reduce the energy. You can use the warm water when your kids play on the dirty place. Your kids have the heavy soiled clothing.

The Features of Efficient Laundry Services By Jhon Alaster

Laundry services are much valued for their convenience. The demand and need for the laundry services are felt given for today’s fast paced times. People need their formal clothes to be ironed and washed. The procedure of ironing or dry cleaning is rather irksome. This is because the people have to save time from their busy schedules. They need to need to sacrifice their work dedication for such mundane tasks. No one would have enough time to do the laundry cleaning services on their own. So, for this use, any good laundry and dry cleaning facility would work very well.

The features of a good service for dry cleaners would be pretty basic and efficient. It should be, firstly, very flexible and punctual. This means that the laundry boys involved should be quite punctual and efficient. They should finish the laundry and dry cleaning at work. They should iron the clothes in a good manner. A good laundry cleaning service would also deliver the ironed and washed clothes to the doorstep of the customers. Also, such a laundry facility should provide such benefits at the most reasonable dry cleaning prices and rates. So, this should be a significant benefit.

There should be other benefits out of the use of the laundry cleaning services. One would be that the clothes are washed, dry cleaned or ironed with adequate care. The thing is that the garments for dry cleaning at work would be of different fabrics and materials. So, the same procedures cannot be used for all the clothes. A good laundry service company would be known for taking utmost care that the clothes and garments are not damaged. This will be a great benefit for people. It will elicit the trust and faith of the people, who depend on the services.

Finally, there is another important virtue of an efficient laundry cleaning service. This has to do with the care of the clothes as well. In most laundry companies and agencies, the clothes undergo many different techniques. However, some laundry cleaning service companies have often defaulted in this regard. The clothes and garments have turned out to be either torn or badly stained with dyes and colors. So, such errors end up creating a bad impression about the company’s integrity. So, an efficient laundry company would take care so as to avoid such pitfalls and problems.

If the given company has such attractive benefits, then it would be indeed good for the different customers and clients of the laundry services. These will also have justified and reasonable dry cleaning prices. So, if your chosen laundry and dry cleaning company has such benefits, well, you are rather lucky and fortunate.


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